Google Search Taming

Wow Google is so biased! While trying to source an Industrial or at least Trade rated Drill Press / Pillar Drill in the UK, I had to resort to taming the search engine beast with unwieldy phrases, further filtering results on each search submission...

pillar drill press industrial -machinemart -amazon -screwfix -ebay -youtube -manomano -grizzly -recordpower "*"

The minus " - " in front of site names (found by hovering over the search result links) exclude all the Google cash collecting sites selling lower than trade rated or location unavailable products, many more filters would need to be applied to get anywhere near my search needs. The with quotation marks "*" limits results to all sites with Top Level Domain (TLD). A little risky with the enormous expansion of TLD's i.e. .trade, .tools etc. (do these TLD's exist? I haven't checked!) but Google Search has removed the option to search only within a single country, I wouldn't buy a fundamental workshop tool which would have no warranty and service path and would incur major delivery costs for a 20 + kg package.

Rant. The Internet has so many gems within its limitless content yet Google and others just want to sell cheap stuff that breaks and gets replaced which in turn poses an impossible demand on the Planet that we all share. Forget recycling of these kind of tools, too resource hungry. Ban all the cheap will not last stuff, promote repairable not replaceable products. Apple? Samsung? Others producing devices that become obsolete when software is outdated and insecure?

I would recommend keeping a simple text file on the desktop to copy and paste all your pet peeve search exclusions and inclusions from.

- (minus, no spaces) exclude sites from search
* (asterisk, no spaces) wild card phrase i.e. in this use, all possible words that may come before
" " Quotation marks around search phrase indicates search result must include the quoted phrase