crate tech

crate sound - headphone amplifier

duinotech PAM8403 amplifier module as headphone amplifier

The Crate Theatre sound is delivered through headphones, while I have been wanting to make myself a portable high fidelity headphone amplifier for some time, I needed to use parts available locally.

Enter the Duinotech 2 x 3W PAM8403 IC amplifier module, $5.00 locally...

There are many posts on the web stating that is not possible to common the output ground on the PAM8403 IC for use with 3 pole jack connectors, full H bridge output etc. I tried two options before finding a near working solution.

So, what DIDN'T work:

crate technical

flow diagram of the crate puppet theatre technical flow

An outline of the steps taken to set up the control of light and sound for The Crate Puppet Theatre, I hope parts or possibly all of this will be useful for a wider audience.

So, while it is a notebook for me, I have also broken down some other online resources into instructions, kind of a speed tech for creatives approach.