Once again after five years have passed I find myself evaluating life in terms of flight weight restrictions, condense your physical needs into 30 kg. The last time, total weight of items was based on myself being useful in the new environment, my sons transition to a “new world”, enabling tools, means of creative expression and a totem or two from the past. Those items spanned ideology and cultures. This time with a few additions, the items will be pretty much the same, every physical object has been used in this very new and at the same time politically dated environment, but, the motivation for carrying “tat” has shifted.

The 30 kg weight is a relatively new concept within my long traveling life. Childhood days I had little need for things, my old (I think it was mine!) and battered Teddy found a new home somewhere along the road of early childhood and my Mothers journeys. My Mothers journeys introduced me to the most magical people, not things. Later after a very different journey of young peoples circumstance and the institutions they found themselves in, I traveled with my extended creative families.

I have traveled with nothing but a blanket and determination in the past, at the end of the sometimes long but, meditative journeys with just a harmonica for company aside of occasional real human contact, I would either reunite with, or make new bonds with familiar people with a similar, transparent approach to life. It is that very same transparent life which is not culturally accepted here among the white fellas, another story maybe...

Over time my journeying and collective needs found me living in Tents, Trucks, Buses and Boats, the most fulfilling of all. Then came a long professional Europe wide touring need to live in a truck / Trailer combination. To fly anywhere has always been a taboo. The truck and trailer weighed in at around eight tonnes, hypocrisy I hear!

Australia is Enormous, in the past couple of weeks as Production Manager for Mary Anne Butlers “Broken” I have flown from Katherine to Alice Springs, Alice to Darwin, Darwin to Nhulunbuy and back again. All of those flights personal baggage allowance massively reduced to cater for production stuff, that's fine in a fly in fly out world.

Now, in a Tropical NT house that that has a reverb of seconds in its newly near empty rooms, I have small select piles of life set out on the floor ready for weighing. All of my being wants to take all of them. Clothes are worn to protect from the elements, they also make good packing materials…

This time, along with reuniting with those close to me, the need to tell and decipher the most recent stories in life are guiding my choices. Personal experiences may be all that I need to carry? Now the tools to tell stories are top of the list, anybody want to listen?