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Peer support whether informal or targeted is our greatest way of getting through challenging times.

The challenges of life can lead to isolation of the individual where mutual support no longer is available.

Chat aims to address some of those circumstances which greatly affect peoples lives through building peer support networks and promoting existing events. It is early days for this project which will be gathering information and creating a resource for initially, the Oxford region.


I have been on the move for the last couple of months so, apologies if no reply has been received from me...

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crate puppet theatre

Welcome to The Crate Puppet Theatre. Darwin's smallest and most intimate venue!

A contemporary vision of the ancient and magical art of puppetry, clandestine delivery of stories delivered by characters barely 7 cm tall.

The crates intimacy is due to well, it is just that, a milk crate... There is one puppeteer and one audience member, the show is viewed through a peep hole and sound is via headphones.


From Oxford all around via Istanbul before returning. On to London and touring it's environs. From London to Berlin and back again.
Touring from The South Bank and stopping in Camden. To Whitstable to settle for a while then to Darwin.
Theatre inside and out, festivals, Dance, Puppets and Circus. Venues, fields, Big-tops, Streets, Trucks and makeshifts.

Light, Sound, Code, Projection. Steel, wood, textiles, paint and resin.
Tech. to chief to Maker to Designer, Technical to Company to Production and back again.